About Covenant Church

Who Are We?

Covenant Church is a community of God's people, called together to glorify Him by serving each other and reaching to those outside of Christ.

We are committed to the full authority of the Word of God in all that we believe and do.

Our church accepts the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms as concise and powerful summaries of what the Bible teaches.

We are a Presbyterian church because the government of our church is entrusted by God into the hands of elders, called by the Holy Spirit and recognized by the people through the vote of the congregation (The Greek word for elder is "presbyteros").  That also means that we are connected through our presbytery and denomination to churches across North America, and through relationships with other churches and denominations, to churches around the world.  

What is the OPC?

The Orthodox Presbyterian Church was founded in 1936 when a number of leaders in the larger Presbyterian Church sought to form a church that stood for historic Christianity.  You can read more about that here.

Our congregation is a participating church in the Philadelphia Presbytery. This Presbytery consists of churches in eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Elders and pastors from these churches gather regularly at meetings of Presbytery to consider issues or problems in which they can help local congregations. The Presbytery is also responsible for the training and preparation of men for the gospel ministry, and ensures the faithful ministry of member churches.

Once a year, each presbyteries commissions elders and pastors to the General Assembly. The General Assembly helps to settle matters of doctrine or practice where there may be misunderstanding or disagreement.

The Orthodox Presbyterian Church carries out a comprehensive ministry of Christian education, assisting local churches and families to teach their children, and preparing new candidates for the gospel ministry. Great Commission Publications publishes books, Sunday School material, Vacation Bible School and tracts.