Time & Locations


A typical worship service consists of the following: a Call to Worship, singing, Reading of God's Law, Confession of Sin, Assurance of Pardon, Reading of God's Word and Preaching, and, in response to God's Word, a Pastoral Prayer, and an Offering. Childcare is provided for newborn up to and including the age of three. A cry room with audio from the service is also available.

SUNDAY SCHOOL - Worship Area and various classrooms, 11:00 am

A wide variety of classes meet each week to welcome and nurture attendees in their journey. Childcare is provided for newborn up to age two. Classes differ in size, format, and focus. Adult classes may include Bible studeis, topical studies, or special needs studies. Classes for children are divided by age and grade, beginning at age three and going through high-school. There are typcially three semesters througout the year for adult Sunday School. During August all classes meet together in the Worship Area.

WEDNESDAY NIGHT - Worship Area and various classrooms, 6:30 pm

This seasonal service invites community members to join together in activities, learning, and worship.