Children's Ministry

Training a Child in the Way He/She Should Go

Being a parent is a tough job. How do you meet your responsibility for the spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical, and social development? Where do you find the truth in the overwhelming flood of ideas, opinions, and advice? How do you teach, correct, love, and direct your child?

At Covenant Church, our desire is to put tools into your hands that enable you and your children to discover together what life is like as you live by God's Word and trust in Jesus Christ, His Son.

Sunday School:
Children ages 2 through grade 12 are invited to our Sunday School at 11:00 a.m. In each class, the goal is to train the young people in godliness, in an age appropriate and inspiring manner. For the younger children, there are crafts, story telling and games. For the older kids there are discussions, applications, and role plays.

French Creek Bible Conference:
Young people of all ages spend up to a week with others their age at through the summer.

Haycock Camping Ministries:
Dedicated to providing boys, men, and their families with a fun and safe, Christ-centered camping experience.

Children's Church:
Children's Church is offered to enable children to learn to worship the Lord as He instructs and at an age-appropriate level. Messages, singing, prayer, and giving are all chosen with this in mind