Music Ministry

Singers, guitarists, keyboardists leading a contemporary phase of blended worship.

At Covenant, we believe that music is one of the most wonderful ways to worship God.  singing with voices and by way of instruments is expressly commanded in Scripture as a way of worshipping God.  Music can also edifiy us in a multitude of ways: it can teach us, it can stir our affection toward God, it can impel us to action for the kingdom.  In addition, we believe the following about music:

        It should be Intentionally Scriptural...Worship music, like the rest of the worship service, should be filled with biblical quotations, imagery and allusions (Col 3:16).
        It should be God glorifying and Christ-centered...Worship music and the rest of our lives takes place for the glory and pleasure of God. As the Westminster Catechism states so well, our chief end is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.  Worship music should be distinctly Christian. Our songs should make much of Jesus Christ and the glorious gospel...We want to sing about Christ, His perfect life, sacrificial death, victorious resurrection, intercessory ministry, and glorious return!
        One should be able to hear and undertand the lyrics.

Furthermore, at Covenant, while we sing choruses at the start of our worship, we have not fogotten the traditional hymns during the main body of our service.